Kenneth DeLong Mission July 30, 1942


Thurs. 7/30 & Fri. 7/31/42 HOME BASE Lydda, Palestine

TARGET Navarino Bay, Greece--Convoy

COMBAT FLYING HRS. 11:45             total tour             126:30

BRIEFING Not shown. TAKE OFF 1400 LANDING 0145(7/31)

CREW Lt. T. D. Brown (AI Izzo on sick call) Sgt. R. F. Kramer was Tail Gunner. PLANE NO. 23 "Hellsapoppin” (poor 17 had another leak).

BOMB LOAD 5-1000 lb. TARGET TIME 2030 BOMBING ALT. 20000'

NO. OF PLANES Not mentioned (Group history shows 9 b-24's)

BOMBING RESULTS Near miss on tanker .... no fires visible(Group history says one direct hit was reported).

ENEMY ACTION Light anti-aircraft fire … no fighters seen.

OTHER REMARKS flew NW over Mediterranean at approximately 700l until near Gialova, Greece ... then climbed to bombing altitude ... Lt. Dwyer made the landing on return to base.