Kenneth DeLong Mission July 13, 1942

***MISSION 8- no mission credit

Mon. 7/13/42 HOME BASE Lydda, Palestine

TARGET Benghazi, Libya

COMBAT FLYING HRS.(this mission) 7:50 total tour 75:25

BRIEFING  1200  TAKE OFF 0730 LANDING 0920(Fayid)

                          TAKE OFF 1415 LANDING 1835(Fayid)

                          TAKE OFF 2000 LANDING 2140(Lydda)

CREW Lt. T. D. Brown PLANE NO. 17

BOMB LOAD 6-1000 lb. TARGET TIME (Did not reach target--diary does not give reason)

NO. OF PLANES 7 of our B-24's

OTHER REMARKS #7 was reported to have been shot down over the target ... no details as to crew who were seen to bailout, but 2 chutes didn't open. The HALPRO roster did not have a crew #7.