Kenneth DeLong Mission July 2, 1942


Thurs. 7/2 & Fri. 7/3/42 HOME BASE Lydda, Palestine

TARGET Tobruk, Libya

COMBAT FLYING HRS. 9:45(this mission) 41:45(total tour)

BRIEFING N/A TAKE OFF 1115 (Lydda 7/2) LANDING 1255 (Fayid)

                      TAKE OFF 2115 (Fayid 7/2) LANDING 0520 (Lydda 7/3)

CREW Lt. T. D. Brown PLANE 17

BOMB LOAD 9-500 lb. TARGET TIME 0130(7/3) BOMBING ALT. 21000'

NO. of PLANES 6 of our B-24's & 4 B-17's

BOMBING RESULTS Made bomb run heading toward bright moon. Lt. Davis salvoed bombs on harbor installations ... saw them hit and start fires.

ENEMY ACTION little resistance ... light anti-aircraft fire.

OTHER REMARKS on flights to Fayid (from Lydda), gas tanks were topped there ... bombs were loaded ... in addition to any required maintenance. On overnight stays at Fayid, our planes were pulled into protective revetments and guards were posted (usually crew members).