Kenneth DeLong Mission June 28, 1942


Sun. 6/28 & Mon. 6/29/42

HOME BASE Fayid, Egypt

TARGET Tobruk, Libya

COMBAT FLYING HOURS  (this mission) 6:40             total tour      32:00

BRIEFING 1800 (6/28) TAKE OFF 2215 (6/28) LANDING 0455 (6/29)

CREW Lt. T. D. Brown PLANE NO. 17

BOMB LOAD 9-500 lb TARGET TIME 0150 (6/29) BOMBING ALT. 21000'

NO. of PLANES 11 of our B-24's and 8 British Libs

BOMBING RESULTS made 5 runs over the target ... saw bombs hit dock area.

ENEMY ACTION moderate anti-aircraft fire. On last run over the target, an ME-109 attacked us from behind and above(out of a bright moon). He fired and missed ... and so did we .... one pass-swoosh! and he was gone. It was our first experience with German night fighters ... and my first mission in the upper turret over target.

OTHER REMARKS Heard later that a British Lib was badly shot up-two of the crew were killed .... guess we were lucky. On the way to the target, we could see the enemy bombing Mersa Matruh.