Kenneth DeLong Mission June 26, 1942


Fri. 6/26 & Sat. 6/27/42 HOME BASE Fayid, Egypt

TARGET Tobruk, Libya

COMBAT FLYING HOURS--this mission 6:50   total tour 25:20

BRIEFING 1800 hrs (6/26) TAKE OFF 2210 (6/26) LANDING  0500 (6/27)

CREW Lt. T. D. Brown PLANE #17

BOMB LOAD 9-500 lb TARGET TIME 0145 (9/27) BOMBING ALT. 20000'

NO. of PLANES 8 Of our B-24's & 8 British Libs

BOMBING RESULTS Libs dropped flares … Cumulus clouds below us made it difficult to see ships in harbor ... bombs dropped at water's edge … unable to assess damage.

ENEMY ACTION saw anti aircraft shells bursting in the distance as we made our way along the coast; over target, neither heavy nor accurate.

OTHER REMARKS Dropped and removed right bomb bay tank on morning of mission--to increase bomb capacity ... slept until 1400 hrs after return from mission, then went back to work on plane.