Paul Davis crew

Paul Davis crew ferried HALPRO B-24 Yank overseas. There is no known photo of the passengers and crew.  Their names were:

Pilot                            Capt. Paul Davis

Co-Pilot                      2/Lt. Edward A. Crouchley

Nav/Bomb.                  2/Lt. William R. Joyner

Engineer                      Sgt. Joe C. Saia

Radio Op.                    Cpl. Raul R. Venegas

Armorer                       S/Sgt. Ralph Alexander

Gunner                         Sgt. Edward F. Weingart

Passengers                   Lt. Col. Floyd N. Shumaker,

                                    Gen. Ping Han Whang (see note below),

                                    S/Sgt. Donald Ward


The following was written about General Whang in "The LIberandos:"

A tragic figure during the initial days at Fayid was Chinese General P.H. Whang, who had been on hand since HALPRO's inception as Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek’s personal liaison.  9   In all of the conferences presided over by the RAF, which addressed HALPRO's operational role in the Middle East, Whang was never invited. Embittered by this rejection, he requested to be returned to China. George Whitlock and Co-Pilot John Medford were detached to fly him to India and on to his homeland.

9 Gen. Whang survived the war and went on to become an export broker in Hong Kong.

According to Richard MIller, Whitlock and Medford returned on June 20th from their trip to India.