Odis Corbin

Odis Corbin was a member of Group Statistics, 376 HQ.  The caption on this photo reads: "Waiting for the 512th sq. that did NOT return....."  This suggests that the photo was taken on Dec. 28, 1943 when the entire 512th squadron planes were lost.

Odis designed the 376 emblem.  Click here to read about this.

L to R: Odis Corbin, Lt. Billingsley, Max Larson, Edmund L. "Izzy" Izzi, Jack Narnette

L to R: Jack Barnette, Odis O. Corbin, Capt. Billingsley

Odis Corbin and Edmund Izzi

L to R: Jack Barnette; unknown group navigator, Odis Corbin

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