James Collison mission July 19, 1943


Monday 19


Today we participated in a history making flight. We were in on the biggest air show I have ever seen. We bombed Rome, Italy the targets being the R.R. yards and air fields. There were four groups of I7's, six groups of mediums (B-26, B-25) and an escort of P-38 in addition to our own five groups ofB-24's. We really gave the place a terrific pasting. We saw four or five fighters but they didn't attack. The flack was accurate and scattered. We were under A.A. (anti-aircraft) fire till we left the coast and from the time we went into the coast. Bob's bombs were very good-one direct hit on a hanger and the rest across the R.R. yards. I am glad I had a part in it. The whole mission netted us ten and a half hours. There was no mail today-but I expect some soon. .......