James Collison mission July 8, 1943


Thursday 8

This was a failure for us today. We had to turn back due to a broken fuel pump. I guess it was a good thing we turned back for some of the boys had a hard time of it. We turned back about a hundred miles short of the target-the mission was scheduled to go to Catania. Have to wait a couple days to get on the next one. There was no mail today-expect some tomorrow. Went to the movie "Boys Prom Syracuse". It was really an enjoyable movie. I pray that my wife is safe and that all is well. God Bless her. xxx

Men were eager to fly missions to accumulate hours toward going home. Missions were ten to twelve hours from N Africa across the Mediterranean. Later when based in Italy, missions were counted, not hours. Some airmen had unfair disparity in flying hours toward getting out of combat. Jim was one.