George Cloer crew

George Cloer crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron.

Back row:  John McConnon- navigator;  Thomas Erskine- bombardier; Walter Greene- co-pilot; George R. Cloer- pilot

Front Row: Wayne Shaffner- engineer; Donald Bock- tail gunner; Charles McKeague- radio operator;  Fred Petitt- ball turret gunner;  William Trentzech- nose gunner

Not pictured : John Metcalf and Russell Wilkins- gunner.

This crew was shot down over Albania August 10, 1944. Thomas Erskine was not on the plane when it crashed, but is in the photo. When they were shot down, only 4 crew members were able to safely land. Metcalf, McKeague, Trentzech & Petitt.

The crew that was with the aircraft at the time of the crash was:
George R. Cloer (pilot)
Walter C. Greene (Co Pilot)
John S. McConnon (Navigator)
John B. Metcalf (Bombardier)
Wayne O. Shaffner (Engineer)
Charles P. McKeague (Radio)
William F. Trentzech (Waist Gunner)
Russell H. Wilkins (Gunner)
Frederick R. Petitt (Ball Turret)
Donald L. Bock (Tail Gunner)