Chappuis Louis C. 916988-514th Squadron and Sgt.Mendozzi Ralph.G Grroup S4

My Father was a young italian boy during 1943-1944 stay in sanpancrazio airfield and was an accordeon-player for all the soldiers but he remembered only Officier Chappuis Louis and Sgt.Mendozzi Ralph (Johnston R.I.) that bring him into airfield to play and given him many chocolates and Camel.They bring him with the jeep from Sandonaci were my father lived.Also my Grand-mother was an accordeon player and many time the soldiers went into her home to dance.My Grand-father was the building of the tufa barraks in sanpancrazio airfield.The name of my father that is deid into 2001 was Remo De Blasi,my Grand-mother was Brigida and my grand-father was Attilio.If you have notice were j can find the sons of Chappuis and Mendozzi please can you give me?
Sgt.Mendozzi in Group S/4 and the officier Chappuis was into 514'sGroup Liaison Officer.For me is very important to have another story of the life of my father.Please if you have give me information of such soldiers that remembered my father or if you have photos in which there is he and can you write me at
Thanks for all

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