Kenneth W. Butler crew

Kenneth W. Butler crew ferried HALPRO B-24 Florine Jo Jo overseas. There is no known photo of the entire passenger and crew. There is a picture of the enlisted men:

Left to Right:
Williams, Dewey J.                       13022797    Engineer
Bedrosian, Peter (NMI)                 11038617    Gunner
Cwikiel, Matthew (NMI)                  7022523    Radio Operator
Blair, Jr., Thomas A.                     13037140    Armorer

The passenger and the rest of the ferry crew were:

Butler, Kenneth W. 'Bombsight'       430568    Pilot
Kysar, Herbert A.                            435956    Co-pilot
Hiatt, Walker H.                              789109    Nav-Bom

Drown, Nathan C.                                 HALPRO Crew chief

Note:  The nicknames come from various diaries including:

George Richardson's unpublished Forgotten Force;