Therman D. Brown crew

Therman D. Brown crew ferried HALPRO B-24 Draggin Lady overseas. There is no known photo of the entire passenger and crew. There is a picture of the enlisted men:

Left to Right
Van Gilder, Taylor E.                17027003    Radio Operator
DeLong, Kenneth R.                 13027152    Engineer

Pat McClosky (middle) was crew chief of Draggin Lady, but was not on the plane during its ferry overseas.

Rendell, Robert F.                     38009713    Armorer
Izzo, Alphonse                         11044184    Gunner

The passenger and the rest of the ferry crew were:

Pilot                             1/Lt. Therman D. Brown

Co-Pilot                       2/Lt. William P. Dwyer

Nav/Bomb.                   2/Lt. Norman Davis

Passenger                     Sgt. Howard C. Muse