Therman D. Brown mission December 28, 1942

Weather can also be friendly. December 28, 1942, on a daylight mission to Sousse, Tunisia, the 98th, also a B-24 group, had a target in the same area at about the same time. There was plenty of flak and some aggressive fighters. The bombing altitude was perhaps 19,000 feet. We came off the target O.K. but the fighters were all over the 98th. Well away from the target, I saw a B-24 diving for a thunder head. There were two or three fighters on his tail like little birds chasing a hawk. The B-24 made the cloud and lost the fighters.

The fighters had shot out their hydraulics and injured some of the crew. They landed safely but I don't remember where. The pilot was Capt. William C. Bacon, an old friend that I had known in the 98th before I had been pulled out to go with the Halverson Detachment.