Therman D. Brown mission September 7, 1942

On the 3rd and the 7th of September, 1942, we attacked convoys of ships. On the 3rd, it was a seven ship convoy near Crete and on the 7th it was a fourteen ship convoy in the middle of the Med. On the 3rd, we had nine B-24's and on the 7th, we had twelve planes. We took off from Lydda in the early afternoon and flew directly into the sun for four to five hours.


On the 7th, our IFF (Identification, Friend, or Foe) equipment blew up because of air turbulence. I think they were made to self destruct in a crash so they would not fall into the hands of the enemy. The details were secret. The IFF was a piece of British equipment.

We had to return to Lydda as individual aircraft well after dark. I was concerned that without any IFF identification, we might be mistaken as an intruder and therefore fired on.  I asked our radio operator, S/Sgt. Taylor H. Van Gilder, to notify our base that the British radio had been destroyed. I later asked if they understood what I meant. They said they did. They must have. No one shot at us and we landed safely.