Gerald Brown crew

Photo Taken in October 1943, Enfidaville, Tunisia, Africa, in front of a B-24.

Gerald Brown crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron. They were then transferred to the 512th in January 1944.

Back row; Lt.Kenneth Benoit - Co-Pilot, Unknown, Lt. Gerald Brown - Pilot, Lt. Bernard Bashline - Bombardier, Lt. Robert Vincent - Navigator
Front row unknown.

Assuming this was taken before or after a mission and since there are 11 men in the photo. there were 6 missions the crew flew in late 1943 with 11 men on the crew manifest. the unIDed other crew members are probably some combination of:

T/Sgt. W. Tressler, engineer; S.Sgt. R. Lipps,Waist Gunner; S/Sgt. H. Magaram, Ball Turret; William Wildermuth, camera gunner; S/Sgt. J. Milne, Ball Turret;

The original enlisted crew members are:

Phipps, Arthur G.    33205520    Engineer
Galvin, Albert E.                          31164685    Radio Operator
Barker, Walter E.                         34315419    Engineer
Maniaci, John C.                          35114250    Gunner
Butcher, James B.    35423440    Ball Turret
Fleming, James W.                      18126799    Tail Gunner

In January, 1944, the crew transferred to the 512th Squadron.  These are the men and their positions at that time:

Brown, Gerald S.                   526288    Pilot
Benoit, Kenneth J.                  742988    Pilot / Co-Pilot
Bashline, Bernard (NMI)          676234    Bombardier
Vincent, Robert F.                  678794    Navigator

Sitting (5 of the following 7)
Barker    Walter    E    34315419    Engineer
Morris    George    E    15102471    Nose Turret
Hill, Jr    Homer    T    36313861    Ball Turret
Beach, Frank    (NMI)    16151597    Radio Operator
Maniaci    John    C    35114250    Gunner
Craul    Ralph    W    33239285    Ball Turret
Fleming, James W.                    18126799    Tail Gunner

Photo by Harry Gillett

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