Royal Brock crew

Royal Brock crew was assigned to the 515th Squadron.  The names and positions are:

Standing, L to R:
Brock, Royal J.               367868    Pilot
Parker, Robert G.           805668    Pilot / Co-pilot
Wohlers, Harry T.           682268    Navigator
Zaback, Perry E.             679444    Bombardier
Becker, Max R.           15329463    Engineer

Kneeling, L to R:
McLeod, Edward L.      14013500    Radio Operator
Core, Russell J.           35741414    Ass't. Engineer
Webb, Ernest C.          11033103    Aer

Positions not known:
Walling, Pat (NMI)       39252199    Armorer
Fauzey, Arthur F.        13047470    Ball Turret

Photo by Pat Walling.