James O. Britt

James O. Britt was a pilot with HALPRO. His son submitted the above crew photo.

James Barineau provided the names he can recall:

L to R:
Unknown                          - Gunner
Barineau, James L.            - Radioman/Gunner
Powell, Hugh S.                - Engineer
Unknown                          - Gunner
Lt. Lynch, John C.              - Bombardier (He was the other crewman that bailed out when Barineau did)
Capt. Whitlock, George B.   - Pilot
Lt. Murray, Joseph P.           - Navigator
Lt. Britt, James O.                - Co-Pilot

Based upon the crew ID, this photo was probably taken before or after the Oct 30, 1942 mission.  If so, then the 2 "unknown" crewmen were:
Berenbrok, Edward (NMI)     - Gunner
Gutmann, Leonard L.           - Gunner

James's son also submitted this photo. 

James Barineau also provided the names he can recall:

Front row left to right
Barineau, James L.
Powell, Hugh S.

Back row left to right
Capt. Whitlock, George B.
Lt. Britt, James O.
Lt. Murray, Joseph P.
Lt. Lynch, John C.

The date of this mission is harder to pin down.  As to the 2 "unknowns," one is probably Gutmann, Leonard L.  The other is either Berenbrok, Edward (NMI) or Wyatt, Kenneth C.

His son submitted a story about his father.  Click here to read it.

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