Isaac W. Ashburn, Jr. crew

Isaac W. Ashburn, Jr. crew was assigned to the 513 squadron.  The men and their positions were:

Standing, L to R:
Klosky, Bernard (NMI)                33290095    Radio Operator
Bell, Ben (NMI)                           683523    Co-Pilot
Ashburn, Jr., Isaac W.                 799307    Pilot
Hill, Mark F.                               669292    Navigator
Hart, L.    ( Not with 376 )

Kneeling, L to R:
Berg, Marlowe I.                        37277062    Engineer
Masiewicz, John A.                    16084928    Gunner
Grove, Robert B.                        33239952    Armorer
McVey, Arthur E.                       33344452    Gunner
Fay, Harry R.                             16018444    Ball Turret

not pictured
Downes, Alfred J.                       676578    Bombardier