Arthur Tinetti

by Arthur Tinetti
(Fushing, Mi)

I was a Navigator in the 376th bomb group from July 4th to December 3, 1944. about mid way through our crew were scheduled for a mission this date. As normal we were awakened early, went to breakfast and then had time before briefing. We as normal had the radio on. On came Axis Sally. She said 15th Air Force we know you are coming to Vienna today. We will be ready to greet you. Sure enough at the briefing we were told the target was Vienna
It was a little disconcerting that Axis Sally new the target before we did.
We took off and got partway there when the mission was canceled because the target was covered with clouds.
The next day we went through the same procedure.
Axis Sally came on and said What is the matter 15th Air Force Are you scared? This went on all week. Te next week we were scheduled for R&R on Capri. We gave a sigh of Relief, We wouldn't have to go to Vienna.
The day after we got back we were scheduled for a mission.
We couldn't believe it but had not made the mission yet so that is were e were going.
The mission turned out not exactly a milk run but not bad.
The approach was different then the past and the flak was much less

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