Alfred Amann crew

Alfred Amann crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron.  The photo caption reads:

"The Crew" of a B-24 on flight training from Chatham Field. Georgia at Sloppy Joe's Bar, Havana, Cuba. March 1943.

Photo from George Tarr.

The men and their positions are:

Back row, L to R:

Amann, Alfred A.                     812529    Pilot, Dept 1024
Manning, Melville R.                 819925    Co-pilot, Dept 1024
Weyland, Russel S.                   707466    Bombardier, Dept 1035
Tarr, George                                            Engineer
Clark, Leroy W.                     18163347    Radio Operator, Dept 757
Weinberger Bertran H.            1010493    Navigator, Dept 1034

Kneeling, L to R:

Penyak, Joseph                                         Ball Turret
Maloney, Francis                                      Tail Turret
Scott, Tommy L.                   17090543    Waist Gunner, Dept 612

not pictured

Battistone, Terondino A.
Aycock, J.R. (IO)


Engineer, Dept 748
Waist Gunner