James Allen crew

The James Allen crew trained and deployed with the 449th HBG.  However, when the various crews arrived in Italy, 5 members of the James Allen crew TDYed to the 376 HBG.  They were:

McEvoy, Donald V.        811678    Navigator, 2nd from right, bottom
Parella, Nicholas (NMI)  752772    Bombardier, right end, bottom

Coffee, Otho Morris  14057060    Waist Gunner, middle back row
Castor, Clarence R.   19176599    Waist Gunner, 2nd from right, back row
Mullins, Charles J.     12189012    Nose Turret, left front row

McEvoy stayed with the 376th HBG and was KIA 17 Oct 1944 with the Aloyx Kamps crew.  He was a Mickey navigator.
The other 4 returned to the 449th.

Photo from Mark Coffee.

Liberandos Patch