41-11646 Battleaxe / Old Spareribs

Battleaxe, serial number 41-11646, was transferred from India to the Middle East. Her RCL was #6.  There is no record that she flew any missions with this RCL.

Following the creation of the 376th HBG in November 1942, she was given the RCL #36.  She flew 4 missions as #36.  Her name was also changed to Old Spareribs.

In the spring of 1943 when the RCL were changed to align them with the squadrons, she was assigned #50.  She flew no missions as #50.

Above 2 photos from Frank Marchese

Photo from Harry Porter

Missions Flown

Group      Date      A/C # and   Mission Target         Pilot
Mission #               letter

1 73 11/11/1942 36 X   Benghazi Libya              Reynold Soukup
2 77 11/21/1942 36 G   Tripoli Libya                  George Whitlock