376th HBG HQ Staff

Personnel assigned to the 376th HBG HQ.  Their names and assignments are:

Bergman, Jr., Carl W.               562519    376th HBG HQ
Billingsley, Charles                       ?         Base Statistical Control Officer
Blanchard, Frederick W.         1703884   376th HBG HQ
Brown, Hugh F.                        567481   Asst. S-4, 376th HBG HQ
Compton, Keith K.
                    22545    Pilot, 376th HBG Group CO
Cox, Arthur L.                         448488   376th HBG HQ
Denman, William B.                 482250    376th HBG
Dyer, Irby L.                            562914    Observer, 376th HBG HQ
Ehresmann,  Alvin H.               908515   376th HBG HQ
Fellows, Richard W.
                   20655    Pilot, 376th HBG Group CO
Fleischer, Wade M.                  361129    Adjutant, 376th HBG HQ
Foye, Walter F.                        568188    Observer
Gardner, Edgar W.                   266767    HALPRO, Adjutant
Graff, Theodore Q.                  269238    Pilot/Co-pilot, 376 HBG Commander
Hand, Robert Q.                      568484   376th HBG HQ
Herrington, John P.                                 Finance Officer, 376th HBG HQ
Larson, Maxwell G.                  569030   Equipment officer, 376th HBG HQ 
Mazalook, George C.             1703383    Gp. Equip. Off. 376th HBG HQ
McDonaid, William T.              917725    376th HBG HQ, Bombsight Offier
Norton, Jr., George W.             900519    376th HBG Intelligence Officer
Nuttal, James B.                      391657    Observer
Owen, James C.                     1703773    376th HBG HQ
Parke, William C.                     912947    376th HBG HQ
Pope, Edward C.                      506586    376th HBG HQ
Preble, Jr., John W.                  145205    376th HBG HQ
Reynolds, William E.                566520    376th HBG HQ
Robinson, Louis A.                  566553    Finance Officer, 376th HBG HQ
Russell, William H.                1549067   Gp. Transportation Officer
Smith, John E.                         856285    Weather Officer, 376th HBG HQ
Thompson, William A.            293628    Group Exec. Officer, 376th HBG
Warren, Robert H.
                     22989    Co-pilot, CO 376th HBG
Whelchel, Vernon F.                                Asst. Adjutant, 376th HBG HQ
Winter, Sidney M.                    484202   Dept. 3170, 376th HBG HQ
Young, Richard W.                  332982    Medical staff

Abromowitz, Morris (NMI)      32278459    376th HBG HQ
Amaas, Thomas G.                 14165295    Dept. 860, 376th HBG HQ
Anderson, Robert W.              19016699    Dept. 502, 376th HBG HQ
Armstrong, Henry A.              37243976    376th HBG HQ
Bachman, James S.                 13093962    376th HBG HQ
Baran, Bruno T.                      36602713
Barton, Thomas R.                 15099067    Dept. 755, 376th HBG HQ
Batman, Robert V.                  13096768
Beaty, Wilbur                          35278019    376th HBG HQ
Bernon, George R.                  15100217   376th HBG HQ
Betich, John L.                        39311082
Black, Arnold B.                     13075952    376th HBG HQ
Brillon, Harvey G.                   31134105
Brock, James W.                     35357445   376th HBG HQ
Brown, Otis O.                       35650173   Dept. 521, 376th HBG HQ
Cardinali, Louis D.                 32442116   376th HBG HQ
Carroll, John J.                         6107744    Dept. 502, 376th HBG HQ
Cornwell, Flagler F.                32144007    376th HBG HQ
Coughlin, Paul J.                    17078144    376th HBG HQ
Cowan, Clinton T.                  38121240
Crosby, James R.                     7000859    376th HBG HQ
Dahlgren, Thorston E.            31104227    376th HBG HQ
Delach, Louis M.                    35323579    Dept. 405, 376th HBG HQ
Dieken, Earl H.                       16028389    376th HBG HQ
Dingess, Odell                       35425722   Dept. 521, 376th HBG HQ
Donahue, Thomas M.             31031184    Dept. 658, 376th HBG HQ
Erp, Charles E.                       19077463    376th HBG HQ
Feenstra, John (NMI)               32450726    376th HBG HQ
Fusco, Thomas J.                    32495403     376th HBG HQ
Gander, Lynn                         16006196    376th HBG HQ
Golden, Wiley L.                     35462125    376th HBG HQ
Horacek, Roy F.                      18121021     376th HBG HQ
Hood, Thomas W.                   35380864    376th HBG HQ
Jones, Clyde L.                        38127288
Keeports, Perry D.                  33107044    376th HBG HQ
Kelch, Charles E.                    15065823    376th HBG HQ
Kelly, Donald E.                      13176448    376th HBG HQ
Kraus, Sam (NMI)                    32691940    Dept. 945, 376th HBG HQ
LaBranche, Robert J.                 6147738    Medical Dept. 376th HBG HQ
Magistro, Edward N.              W2118687    376th HBG HQ
Mastrangelo, Ralph (NMI)       20213652    376th HBG HQ
Marston, William H.                31154226    376th HBG HQ
McKibben, Husey G.               14139967    Dept. 945, 376th HBG HQ
Monahan, Dale I.                     37087993    376th HBG HQ
Moran, John E.                        18053220    Dept. 521, 376th HBG HQ
Moser, Woodrow I.                  36362360    376th HBG HQ
Nelson, Donovan L.                 37286592
Nesbitt, Jr., Rudolph H.           34351258    376th HBG HQ
Olson, John M.                        37030513    376th HBG HQ
Penny, Richard M.                   15336899    376th HBG HQ
Philips, Richard H.                  18218458    Dept. 501, 376th HBG HQ
Plotz, Frank L.                        36016865
Pousner, Seymour (NMI)          32914901    376th HBG HQ
Reilly, Joseph F.                      32914904    376th HBG HQ
Roberts, Richard O.                  6919455    376th HBG HQ
Roggnbauer, Harold R.           36267489    Dept. 658, 376th HBG HQ
Ruth, Floyd H.                        33346734    Dept. 521, 376th HBG HQ
Sarris, Nicholas (NMI)             32518367    Dept. 949, 376th HBG HQ
Scott, Roger W.                       34222644    Dept. 945, 376th HBG HQ
Stazak, Walter (NMI)               36660924    Dept. 521, 376th HBG HQ
Swanson, Willard C.                35392094    Dept. 521, 376th HBG HQ
Toby, John H.                         32467988    Dept. 056, 376th HBG HQ
Vallem, James P.                     19065090
Van Dyck, Roland H.               3718335
Wanetik, Morris J.                   33365632    376th HBG HQ
Warren, Clifford E.                  37101316    Dept. 017, 376th HBG HQ
Welch, Richard A.                     7032035    376th HBG HQ
Zipper, Eugene E.                   32236770    376th HBG HQ

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