Albert Story Photograph 3

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HALPRO Turkish internees.

Front Row:
Perrone, Frank (NMI)                  16011071    Engineer
Wicklund, Harold A.                       789115    Nav-Bom
  ?    West, Wilbur C.                       433434    Pilot / Co-pilot
Cave, Edward A.                            431011    Pilot

Second Row:
Turkish soldier
Lippencott, Garland A.               13032143    Engineer
Kusilavage, Enoch G.                  13027199    Armorer
  ?   Coward, David D.                   6763391    Armorer
Davis, Jr., Charles T.                      789106    Nav-Bom
Nesbitt, Jr., Frederick W.                416880    Pilot
Story, Albert H.                          14065905    Gunner
Turkish officer
Turkish officer
Turkish soldier
Ziesel, Eugene L.                            410575    Co-pilot
Turkish official

Third Row:
Durfee, Carl J.                             6998572    Radio Operator
Albertson, Robert L.                  11012006    Radio Operator
Collum, Charles E.                     13027239    Gunner
Pearson, Frank B.                       12032441    Gunner
Pearce, Conrad R.                      19011855    Armorer
O'Conner, John E.                       36226434    Armorer
  ?  Taylor, Ula H.                        14033995    Engineer
Briscoe, Jimmie L.                       14042065    Engineer
Turkish soldier

not IDed in photo

Anderson, Virgil D.                        435838   Co-pilot
Brown, Jr., Nathan K.                     435834    Pilot
Humphreys, Robert P.                    434668    Nav-Bom
Smith, Lyman S.                             418658    Nav-Bom
Swarner, Jr., Walter C.                    435808    Pilot / Co-pilot
Walker, Howard E.                         430683    Pilot

Charles, George A.                     14020974    Radio Operator
Owens, Thomas G.                     14051200    Gunner
Sokolitsky, C.                               6981283    Radio Operator


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