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Lt. V. Sorenson

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S/Sgt. L. Rowekamp

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S/Sgt. R. Dixon

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Mar. 24, 1944             We left Westover Field, Springfield, Ma. in morning by rail. Arrived in the afternoon at Mitchel Field, Long Island, N. Y., which was the staging area, where we were assigned a plane (Consolidated B-24 Liberator) to take overseas.

Mar. 31,1944             We left Mitchel Field at 0815 hrs. aboard plane, headed on southern route. Arrived at Morrison Field, W. Palm Beach, Fla. at 1615 Hrs.

April 2, 1944             We left Morrison Field at 0500 hrs., bound for Waller Field, Trinidad, South America. Arrived at Waller Field at 1700 hrs. Very hot and humid.

April 3, 1944             We left Waller Field, Trinidad at 0600 hrs. Crossed the equator and Amazon River. Arrived at Belem, Brazil at 1300 hrs.

April 4, 1944             We left Belem, Brazil at 0635 hrs. Arrived at Natal, Brazil at 1215 hrs. Navigator became ill with virus for two days and the weather at Dakar, Africa was closed in for another two days. Did some swimming at the ocean beach near the field.

April 9, 1944             We left Natal, Brazil at 0530 hrs. Arrived at Elnes Field, Dakar, Senegal, Africa at 1715 hrs.  Twelve hr. flight across Atlantic Ocean.

April 10, 1944             We left Dakar at 0730 hrs. Arrived at Marrakech, Algeria at 1415 hrs.

April 11, 1944             Pulling 50 hr. inspection on plane.

April 12, 1944             We left Marrakech at 0830 hrs. Arrived at Tunisia at 1230 hrs

April 13, 1944             We left Tunisia at 0900 Hrs. Arrived at San Pancrazio, Italy at 1400 hrs. This was our final destination. The 512th. Bomb Squadron, 376th Bomb Group, Fifteenth Air Force. Total flying time for trip, approximately 60 plus hours.

April 23, 1944             The pilot and navigator went on their first mission to Schwechat, Austria.

April 24, 1944

April 25, 1944             Morgart went on mission as fill in to Varese, Italy, but was incomplete because of bad weather over target. Was attacked by 7 enemy fighters. Everyone O.K.

April 26, 1944             Was supposed to go on a mission to Weiner Neustadt, Austria, but was canceled because of bad weather over target.

April 28, 1944            Morgart went on mission as fill in to San Stefano, Italy.

April 29, 1944

April 30, 1944

May 1, 1944             Supposed to go on mission to Graz, Austria, but was canceled because of bad weather. We went on practice gunnery mission instead. App. 5 hrs.

May 2, 1944

May 5, 1944             We went on midnight requisition detail to obtain telephone poles for roof beams for new mess hall.

May 6, 1944

May 7, 1944

May 8, 1944             Was supposed to go on mission but was canceled because of bad weather.

May 9, 1944   (Ed - think this was on 10th)

May 12, 1944

May 13, 1944

May 14, 1944

May 17, 1944             Was supposed to go on mission to Porto San Stefano, Italy, but got to the beginning of runway and developed gas leak. Didn't take off.

May 20, 1944             Went to escape lecture. Received a quart of whiskey from the Army.

May 22, 1944

May 24, 1944             Sorenson went on mission to Weiner Neustadt, Austria as a substitute bombardier. Engineer on that Yugoslavian crew was killed by flak.

May 25, 1944

May 26, 1944

May 29, 1944             Jerry went over at 10:15 P.M.

May 30, 1944             If not flying the next day, the crews had to stand guard on planes at night because of enemy parachute scare. Jerry went over again at 10:15

June 1, 1944            Jerry went over again at 11 :30 P.M.

June 2, 1944

June 4, 1944             Went on sick call with G.I.'s and was grounded.

June 5, 1944             Still grounded. Crew went on mission to Castel, Maggiore, Italy. Target completely destroyed.

June 6, 1944             Still grounded. Crew went on mission to Ploesti, Rumania. Target obscured by smoke screen. One B-24 destroyed.

June 9, 1944

June 11, 1944

June 14, 1944

June 16, 1944

June 17, 1944             Briefed for mission but it was canceled.

June 18, 1944             Briefed for mission but it was canceled.

June 19, 1944             Briefed for mission but it was canceled.

June 20, 1944             Briefed for mission but it was canceled.

June 21, 1944             Briefed for mission but it was canceled.

June 22, 1944

June 23, 1944

June 24, 1944

June 25, 1944

June 26, 1944

June 27, 1944

June 30, 1944

July 3, 1944

July 4, 1944

July 5, 1944

July 6, 1944

July 7, 1944

July 9, 1944

July 13, 1944

July 14, 1944

July 15, 1944

July 20, 1944

July 21, 1944

July 24, 1944

July 30, 1944

Aug. 6, 1944

Aug. 10, 1944


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