Men Died in Non-mission Actions


Dec 10, 1942

Keiser, Donald M.                                   Pilot


Admin flight, Calcutta, India, Mar 1, 1943

Palmer, Marvin B.                   432977    Bombardier
Scherff, Raymond G.
              430623    Co-pilot

practice mission, Mar 9, 1943

Cook, Gordon W.                                  Engineer

unknown, Jul 5, 1943

Worley, Luther A.                  661575    Pilot

unknown accident, Sep. 18, 1943

Harrigan, Leo J                     36500695    515 Sqd.

crash landed, St. Morgans, England, Dec, 1943

Altizer, Roby                                              Radar group

mid-air during practice, San Pan, Jan 16, 1944

Pearson, Roger O.     798060    Pilot
Harris, Hershal E.      736640    Bombardier
Lawrence, Ivers W.  0806995    co-pilot, 514th Squadron
DeBell, John T.        0690379    navigator, 514th Squadron
Bonsor, Joseph C.   0684937    bombardier, 514th Squadron

Morris, Hugh W.                       gunner, 514th Squadron
Messel, Maurice                       gunner, 514th Squadron

Crash during ferry mission, March 18, 1944

Thurman, Eugene D.              T-1364    Pilot
Jensen, George E.                                  Co-pilot
McKay, Walter E.                                    Navigator

Hewitt, Milton J.                                     Engineer
Rosendale, Joseph C.                             Radio Operator

killed in take-off accident, March 30, 1944

Migliaccio, Vincent J.               32792090   Armorer
Scurlock, Carroll C.                 18189054   Gunner

killed in a training flight, Nebraska, USA, April 29, 1944

Anderson, Virgil D.                 435838    Pilot

killed by accidental discharge of firearms, May 2, 1944

Brown, Harry O.                       20443896    Waist Gunner, Dept 612

Crash landed soon after takeoff, July 27, 1944

---------  Brazelton's crew

Dengg, Frank E.                    713720    Co-pilot, Dept 1024
Epstein, Alvin (NMI)               719037    Navigator, Dept 1034

Kempisty, Edward M.               12031676    Nose Turret, Dept 612

Exploded on takeoff, August 15, 1944

---------  Rimerman's crew

Rimerman, Franklin A.                               695768     Pilot
Accola, Roy A.                                           705207   Co-pilot
Bunting, Henry S.                                       713115   Navigator
Freedman, Charles                                                    Bombardier
Nosker, William C.                 1st CO of the 449th/718. 47th Wing Ops Off.

Kinzie, Raymond J.                                  36477743   Engineer
O'Hern, Edward R.                                   33441076   Radio Operator
Chapman, Lyle C.                                    37292169   Tail Turret
Bunker, Allen J.                                                           Ball Turret
Bench, Kenneth R.                                   17055309    Gunner
Kenrick, James J.                                     12120904    Ball Turret
Austin, Dillard D.                                     36566462   Waist Gunner

Landing accident, August 31, 1944

---------  Sunshine's crew

Sunshine, Alvin B.                                  824286    Pilot, Dept 1024
Harris, William T.                                   826164    Co-pilot, Dept 1024

Stephens, Meredith C.                        36475868    Engineer, Dept 748

Exploded upon return to base after mission scrubbed, Nov. 1, 1944

Cornay, Rubert N.                                   1047077    Pilot
Jones, Willis H.                                        1320738    Co-pilot
Suson, Gerald J.                                        777039    Bombardier
Boyles, Rene W.                                       2060467    Navigator

Helmer, Willard O.                                  36570182    Engineer
Orner, Robert                                         20327564     Radio Operator
Carney, Edgar G.                                    31296448    Nose Turret
Cook, Vernon                                         37496763     Gunner
Fielder, Chancy                                      3589850_    Gunner
Detrick, Roland                                      3293926_     Gunner
Sirota, James F.                                      36633648    Camera

killed ferrying men to Isle of Capri, Apr 24, 1945

Gold, Thomas A.                    833435    Co-pilot, Dept 1022

Unknown Causes

Anderson, Jr., Walter P.               683381    Nov 21, 1943
Robb, III, Theodore D.                 722798    July 31, 1944

Brown, Harry O.                       20443896    May 2, 1944


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