Richard G. Miller

June 21. Well, if this isn’t a hell of a note!  There is a mission tonight to Benghazi, the major port for German entry of supplies, but as hell will have it, the Pilot got sick and the Colonel took our plane and gave it to another crew.

Two of our gunners are sick, but I still did my damndest to get on any ship as even a gunner, but the big wigs said "No".

Is terrifically hot today; the flies are even more persistent than usual. This not doing anything is rapidly driving me nuts. Here most of the men and all our crew, save our tail gunner, are damned happy not to have to go, and I think it a dirty deal- 'cause I don't get to go – doesn’t make sense, but hell, we are here to fight a war and I damned well want to fight it - and often.