Richard G. Miller

May 30

Khartoum, Egyptian Sudan, West Africa.

On the way had my first thrill of the trip - 2 motors cut out on us because of lack of gas; the fuel transfer system didn't work according to the chart, so we limped along on 2 engines till the trouble lapsed into an experience. During the 2 engine siege I had an argument with Col. Feldman; he wanted to land wheel up, I wanted to gamble on wheels down _ too bad we couldn't have settled it, but no forced landing was necessitated. The trip over was another killer - one's empennage gets numb, paralyzed; that seat is so small to climb around in. '~~ - Egyptian Sudan is a hole,~ the country is a true desert. Khartoum is located at the junction of the Blue and White Nile Rivers, but this does not mean there is any sort of fertile valley. Doesn't seem to be much vegetation about. The sun bears down with a vengenance; the temperature now is 115 deg, yesterday 113 deg. 'Tis very dry and of course we must take our salt tablets and quinine regularly.